AGL Course Design

We have partnered up with some great companies to make this happen and we are excited to bring to you the next phase in our development! We know you've been waiting and we know you've been asking...

AGL Discs presents... Above Ground Level Course Design!!!

We are in a position where we can now offer our course design services. Josh, the owner of AGL, has himself set up and helped design a handful of courses from private, to temporary, and all the way to helping develop championship level courses. And we are also teaming up with the great: David McCormack, owner of Gateway Disc Sports. David is a HALL OF FAME course designer with over 100+ courses, designed with his expertise. With Gateway's background, and AGL's marketing - this is something that we can be confident about ensuring we design the very best course that money can buy! (That means we're affordable, LOL).

Gateway is one of the only companies that still makes baskets HERE, in the USA. They also use mostly thicker gauge for their basket wire. We can also help provide tee box signs, and tee box mats; or even help build proper tee boxes, as well. And with our ability to hot stamp, we can offer a custom stamp option for your new course! That goes over really well from our experience.

Although in AGL fashion, we wanted to take it a step further. We want to make sure that we also think about the course "long term". So we are working with the newest Disc Golf Non-Profit out there, One Shot Foundation Inc. One Shot is focused on providing the tools and information, to have courses, and shops, stay sustainable. For every step we take in nature, there is a negative impact - and One Shot Inc. wants to minimized that. So we are excited to work with them, as well as yourselves, to create a long lasting course. 

They have a team of landscape architects that will walk your property, to come up with each and every possible way to keep the land in good standing. We at AGL believe that in order for Disc Golf to become more widely accepted, we need to represent our sport in the best possible manner. One way we can do that is to protect and care for the environment that we love to play in, so much. By working together, we can come up with focused plans to keep your course sustainable, and environmentally friendly. This looks great when working with the cities or counties, to install a new course BTW.

Just imagine your favorite course getting some love!? Well that can happen as well. We can work with your club, your city, or county - to develop a plan that helps your current course become more sustainable as well. So even if you're not in the market to set up or build a new course, you can still work on improving your own local favorite spot! We have options available for sustainable practice recommendations as well! Check us out or email us at