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Broken Beans

Broken Beans - Apron w/ Jef Wind Design

Broken Beans - Apron w/ Jef Wind Design

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     Ava thought the other thing any good cook SHOULD HAVE, is an apron. As making a mess is part of the job, for any great chef. Staying clean should always be one of the top priorities in any kitchen, whether home or professional. Ava is all too aware, as she herself has made plenty of messes! Lol.

     So she found a really nice flat white apron that we could put our super awesome logo on it! She worked with local LEGEND - Jef Wind, to create her logo. The logo will be put onto the front of each apron!

*Not an AGL Discs Item. This is a product being sold THROUGH AGL Discs, via Broken Beans Restaurant - presented by Ava Jones.

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