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     At Above Ground Level, we have been hard at work (since 2011) with our obsession to look at this sport from what we call, the "10,000ft level". We started creating our first driver from scratch - both the plastic and the mold designs, and it has come a LONG LONG way. Our plastic does tend to flex some, which ends up making it great for long turnover shots.

     Our 3D Printed Prototype that lead the way to our first production run made it easy to prove the performance of our unique design of our rim edge, which is no longer perpendicular to the flight plate (like most). That change allowed for greater "snap" and a better pull from the disc - which we were very excited about introducing to the market.

     Here at AGL, we will always be vigorously testing our products, and looking for new ways to improve this great sport. We sent our first driver in for Wind Tunnel Testing, and we even have videos on our Instagram of our field testing. There will be lots to come from AGL Discs in the near future. We will be announcing the release of our putter soon - the Redwood! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram @agldiscs!!!